Youthwork With an Antibias Approach

Mar 20 2018

Youthwork With an Antibias Approach

Discrimination is a worldwide social problem and a common ground for individuals without the recognition of social statuses. According to the European Commission, accepting of diversity in the public sphere is increasing, but there is still gaps and differences between countries (“Discrimination in the EU in 2012”, Eurobarometer).


Although types of discriminations are different for all countries, the factors which cause all forms of discrimination arise from the same sources: the combination of prejudices and social power. One of the most effective methods to fight against discrimination in accordance with the Anti-Bias approach is to be aware of one’s own social power and power relations in the society beside the effort to get rid of prejudices. The main aim of the project is to focus on the awareness of these fundamental principles.


The project consists of two trainings. The first activity consists of 7 days, 23-31 March 2018, incl. travel days and takes place in Diemeringen, France. The second activity consists of 5 days, 02-08 July 2018, incl. travel days and takes place in Diemeringen, France. For each training course we will have the same partners and participants from France, Turkey, Czech Republic, United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, Netherland, Croatia and Portugal together with 3 trainers and 28 youth workers.


The program makes use of non-formal methods, to create mutual learning and interaction. They will have elements of simulation games, group work, presentations, energizers etc.




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