Youth Exchange – Exchange of Experiences in Naples

Dec 01 2018

Youth Exchange – Exchange of Experiences in Naples

For many students, an exchange is really something to look forward to. Thanks to an exchange program, they have the opportunity to share their stories and experiences with other young people from all over the world. A recent study has been conducted into these so-called Youth Exchanges, an exchange program was set up in Naples. During this exchange a group of young people focused on ‘Sustainable Entrepreneurship and Skills for the Labor Market’.


What kind of project was it?

The project was meant for all unemployed young people in the outlying areas of the EU. They wanted to ensure that the young people could know how they could successfully enter entrepreneurship. In this way they learned how to apply ‘soft skills’ and what to pay attention to when it comes to good thoughts. After all, it is of crucial importance that you look at things positively, the young people could learn this during the exchange.



The project took place in a very accessible and pleasant way, so the youth could share their own experiences with others. During this program over 30 young people participated, they came from 6 different countries. The age of the young differed between 18 and 25 years, although most young people were 20 years old. One thing was the same among all these young people, they all had a great interest in trade and economy. This is logical, of course, it is meant to build on this. They wanted to work for their area at home, so that poverty and unemployment can be spent.

What have they learned

During the project, the participants discussed how they can motivate each other and how they should deal with other people who want to enter into entrepreneurship. This of course provides a huge boost of self-confidence. They also learned how to effectively implement certain ideas in order to learn from each other. The young people are of course the people who benefit from these training courses and exchanges, because they are the ones who will work as entrepreneurs later on. Thanks to these exchange programs, including those from Naples, young people have the opportunity to share experience and knowledge with people who come from a totally different culture.




Unemployment is of course a big problem among young people. But especially the poorer areas and the migrants have a lot of disadvantage to unemployment. Thanks to these projects, this can change. This project was organized by an EU organization, this shows that unemployment is something that needs to be adjusted on an international level. As the saying goes: “together you are stronger than alone”. Sharing experiences and knowledge is the best way to learn, it is therefore time to come up with these kinds of projects!

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