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May 27 2022

Experience in Cyprus

We had a wonderful time in Cyprus, not only was it informative and educational. It was a great chance to come out of our comfort zone, meet new people and make new connections. As we all know, this is an area where most people with...

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Apr 26 2022

Experience in Littlehampton

It's been a while since the youth exchange ended, which was held in Littlehampton, UK, from March 26 to April 4. In this time, I have met people from many different places, with different contexts, cultures and stories to tell. We have had a lot of fun,...

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Jul 06 2021


The Erasmus+ youth worker mobility project, which was prepared by 1000/0 ADVENTURE, a Sports and Nature Association in Portugal, and whose first leg was planned to take place in Turkey, supported by the Portuguese National Agency and the EU in 2020, was held at the...

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