Sustainable employability, in your best interest!

Drawing To Health ‘is the specialist that prepares your company, school or team in a special (effective) way for the future in personnel care: Sustainable Employability. Staying healthy and healthy until the old age – that is what sustainable employability is all about.


How do you know if you’re ready for that? Simple, you hire a specialist to help you make this analysis. “Drawing To Health” is this specialist.


We don’t just indicate where the points for improvement lie and which issues need to be addressed. If you only want that, you’d better hire a gray consultant. ‘Drawing To Health’ gives color to your organization, because, in addition to putting the processes in order, it puts people at the center. Does the organization challenge its employees? Are the employees involved? Is sports and healthy eating being promoted? Is there a good relationship between work and private life? These components are not highlighted because it is a requirement, but because ‘Drawing To Health’ believes in people. The psychosocial and emotional qualities of people are important for the functioning of an organization. The so-called ‘soft skills’. Want to know more? Look around on our website!

People make the difference, especially in small and medium-sized organizations.

‘Drawing To Health’ works with visual language. We do this by means of a drawing analysis. An archetypal drawing is made by the candidate, for example a tree, after which the drawing is analyzed by ‘Drawing To Health’. This does not only work individually, but also in groups. If, for example, there are tensions within a team, then ‘Drawing To Health’ organizes a group session, the drawing workshop. Analyzing each others’ drawings under supervision releases a lot of energy.


You are still sceptical? What are the costs? You receive a total package at a reasonable rate. And you are eligible for subsidy. Subsidy? Yes really! The European Social Fund encourages the introduction of sustainable employability at companies and organizations. The EFF scheme for Sustainable Employability (Dutch link) for companies and organizations (such as schools) stipulates that the costs of an advisor for drawing up advice or supervising the implementation of that advisory report are eligible. In other words, if you hire ‘Drawing To Health’ for making your company or organization sustainable, you can get the largest part of the hiring costs back in the form of a subsidy. In short, do not hesitate and contact us!

We’ll put everything for you in a row. When you hire ‘Drawing To Health’ you will receive:

  • Working time management
  • Flexible work culture
  • Internal and external mobility
  • Work in a healthy and safe way
  • Periodical research on sustainable employability of employees
  • Company or organization scan
  • New ELAN: in eating, sport and social company culture
  • New and renewed training- and learning pathways / learning culture for employees
  • Fresh wind through existing teams / departments
  • People at the center of the company
  • The unique ‘Drawing To Health’ approach

You apply for a subsidy via and pay almost nothing.


The European Social Fund encourages the hiring of specialists by granting a subsidy for the transition to Sustainable Employability.