Stefan’s Blog

May 24 2018

Stefan’s Blog

Hello, my name is Stefan, I am a 22 year student who comes from a city in Spain named Segovia. There I study illustration and graphic design in the arts school called ‘’Casa de los Picos’’, which is also a monument. This study lasts 2 years, and in the second, I decided to apply for the Erasmus+ Project, which is an initiative that gives you a scholarship to go study or make your internship in another country. They selected 4 students from my school, e being among them. The next step was finding a company that would accept me to do my internship, so I started searching on the internet and sending my portfolio and CV to lots of companies from various countries from Europe, but either they rejected me or they just didn’t respond. I told my teacher about this and she sent me a search tool for companies, and used that to contact several.


After a couple of days, one company responded, and it was Irene from Drawing to Health. We made an appointment for a Skype call, and she told me that she was interested in accepting me. I was very happy and relieved. The next step was finding a place to stay the two and a half months I was going to be there, so I started searching, but nothing came up. I used a site that Irene sent me, but no luck. A week before leaving, I tried one last time on that site and finally found a person who rented for that short period of time. So the 22nd of March I took a place from the Barajas airport in Madrid and arrived to the Schiphol airport in Amsterdam. I was very nervous because it was the first time I was travelling to another country by myself and I was afraid to get the wrong train to Deventer, but in the end I took the right one and arrived in perfect conditions. The good thing about this room I rented is that it is right in front of the station, so I only had to cross the road to arrive at my new home.

I am leaving on the 26th of May, so I have only 2 days left. I had a great time in the company and they taught me lots of interesting stuff about social media. I hope that my work here was good and I look forward to use the knowledge they showed me!

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