Special Guest Lecture 2019

international project week
Jun 04 2019

Special Guest Lecture 2019


For many students of the Emden University of Applied Science the period of the year is over, because the International Project Week 2019 has taken place. This week is a symbol for gaining new insights, getting to know other students and of course this week is for having fun. Drawing to Health visited this project week to give a very special guest lecture. The central question in this guest lecture was: how can disadvantaged people still have a chance on the labor market?

Knowledge and skills for personal development

At Drawing to Health, they are seeing more and more recently that people, especially young people, have difficulty finding a job. In the last few years, the unemployment rate has been rising considerably. Drawing to Health has shown the students how young people can take the necessary steps to buy from unemployment. They have shown everyone the way in which you as a young person with a disadvantage or handicap can still gain a place on the labor market. For the enterprising youth, the way in which they can start their own business has also been discussed.


Drawing to Health has a high level of practical experience. No dry matter during this lecture, almost only practical examples and techniques that you can apply in real life. By developing the required skills, the young people have come to see how much strength they have and how far they can continue to grow. This will certainly help to suppress the high unemployment rate. The focus was on the formation of soft skills, exactly what you need as a young person to develop. This guest lecture was for the students of the Emden University of Applied Science certainly one of the most special and valuable activities during the International Project Week 2019

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