Social Media: Reach and Engage Marginalized Youth – 28 October – 3 November 2022 (EN)

We are delighted to present this rare opportunity to join us for a Social Media training course at a stunning and luxurious self-catering farm house based in Devon, South West England, UK.
Funded by the European Union, this will be a fantastic learning experience for one week where youth workers and youth leaders will exchange skills and best practices on the use of social media with a focus on improving the reach and engagement of marginalized young people.
The high-impact learning week will also test individuals’ leadership skills and excel managerial, teamwork and organizational skills as each individual will play a vital role in the management of the property, teams, and delivery of activities.
We will be able to get to know each other and fully immerse ourselves in the learning experience without many distractions of the outside world. The country house is perfectly positioned in the rural English countryside known for its countryside walks, clean air and historical local villages.

Objectives of the project:

The training course will help us all to better understand how to use social media and hone social media strategies to reach marginalized groups of young people, and how social media can be used to share positive values and contribute to countering violent youth radicalization.
We will exchange best practices, explore social media tools, work on strategy design, and improve social media analytics skills.
We will also explore each other’s cultures, exchange positive cultural values and make new international friends as a result of this transnational cooperation.

  • Raise awareness of the fact that dance is one of the suggested solutions.
  • To familiarize youth with dances (group presentations, small workshops)
  • Emphasize the important physical, spiritual, and emotional benefits.
  • Experience human values lessons through dance, enhance people’s personal development (regardless of our body type, our origin, our age, our sex).

Location: Devon, South West England, UK.

Date: 28 October – 3 November 2022


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Have these plans gotten you all excited? Register now! All costs, i.e.: travel, training costs, food and hotel accommodation, are reimbursed by the European Union. (Travel costs are reimbursed up to €180,- p.p.)


Participation Fee
The good news is that we are able to reduce the participation fee to 15 Euros per participant compared to what we originally agreed with partners in 2020 to carry out the activity in London.
The small 15 Euro fee will give us a little bit of help with the staff costs amidst the times of rapid inflation


There are a few requirements to participate:


  • Participants must be minimum 18 years old.
  • You must be proficient in the English language
  • You must be living in the Netherlands or be in possession of a Dutch proof of identity.
  • You must be in possession of a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC)
  • You must be willing to be filmed during the sessions and workshops of the activities
  • And to be a broad-minded person who can work together in a group
  • The form below must be completed
In the event of an emergency, the specified contact person will be contacted by telephone.
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