Social Impact Society

Jan 31 2022

Social Impact Society

Social impact society training course gathered 30 youth workers from 7 countries (Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Turkey, Greece, Romania, Belgium) in Oldemarkt in order to discuss and learn about Social Entrepreneurship and the way it can foster social inclusion and reduce unemployment, social exclusion, inequality and poverty. They are among root causes of instability and unrest and need to be addressed to make societies sustainable. Reducing the number of unemployed people, eliminating poverty and marginalization are of vital importance according to the 2020 targets of the European Union. As Europe needs more entrepreneurs creating jobs, it’s necessary to support the entrepreneurship education in all EU countries. Social entrepreneurship plays a crucial role in our societies today and providing young people with social entrepreneurship skills can contribute to increase their opportunities in the job market as well as fostering inclusive communities, especially among disadvantaged youth (Youth NEETs, youth with fewer possibilities, youth with disabilities)

The aim of the project is to increase the social inclusion of disadvantaged young people by improving the competencies of youth workers on the promotion of social entrepreneurship as a tool of increasing social inclusion

 The objectives are as follows:

-to build capacities of 28 participants from 7 countries during a week to address the issue of youth unemployment among disadvantaged youth in order to be able to provide quality activities for youth on entrepreneurial education and social entrepreneurship

-to develop entrepreneurship skills of 28 youth workers in order to empower youth raising their self-esteem and stimulating their creativity, sense of social entrepreneurship and increasing the initiative and employability of young people

-to initiate new youth projects by 28 youth workers in 8 days in order to stimulate social entrepreneurship among disadvantaged youth 

-to promote the Erasmus+ program as a resource for the development of non-formal education activities in entrepreneurial education as an instrument for professional insertion combating social exclusion

– to encourage and develop solidarity and tolerance among young participants to facilitate social cohesion in the EU.



Here is the information pdf with all the information about the participants and their organizations

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