Social inclusion and employability for people with disability
Sociale inclusie en inzetbaarheid voor mensen met een handicap

We intend to create a digital platform where people with disabilities can present their talents, skills or products for the visitors of the platform – individuals and businesses – to purchase or to support in other ways. The platform will be people-centric with its main property being a solid centerpiece of a wider and more comprehensive support infrastructure. This infrastructure will consist of specially-deisgned digital training courses focusing on: Personal presentation skills, Digital sales, Product presentation (incl. copywriting, graphics and video), Terms of service in the digital world, Remote services, Logistics and delivery (National/International), Pricing and promotion, and a range of additional topics and subjects which will come up from the direct work of our organisations with the target group of the project. The platform will be focused on bringing the two parties in a typical marketplace together, but in a spirit of support and common purpose. No payments will be made through the platform – all purchases and other support will pass through other standard secure channels for this, and Skillability is not designed to be a commercial platform.