Sevgi’s Experience

Feb 10 2020

Sevgi’s Experience

Hello, I’m Sevgi. I am a graduate student in the sociology of religion. I decided to do an Erasmus internship to improve my English level and gain experience abroad. As a result of my research, I reached DTH. Getting approval from Erasmus and the Consulate is a difficult process. Irene was very helpful in this difficult process. Yes, now I’m in the Netherlands!


When I first came to the office, a very friendly team welcomed me. The office in Keulenstraat  looked quite beautiful and sincere. Irene, Menno, Damla, Maruchi are the team members. We are working together. I usually scan some documents, sometimes I translate the program’s flow from Turkish to English. I am happy to be with them. They have a good team spirit.

On my third day, we visited the Deventer square with Irene. She gave me information about the historical buildings here and the Dutch culture. The first thing that drew my attention here is that people often greet each other. This is very good. Churches are almost the biggest structures in the city. Other structures were built in harmony with the texture of the city. Although people don’t care about this harmony, it is nevertheless beautiful.


Far from the noise and crowd of big cities, Deventer is a small and cute city. Everywhere there is trees and magpies. Time in here seems very slow. This slowness can provide a excellent opportunity.  If you want, you can hear the sound of the water flowing in the canals and the church bell.

As for me, I will try to enjoy this slowness for the remaining 4 weeks.


that’s all for now.

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