Robotics helps young people develop emotions

May 30 2022

Robotics helps young people develop emotions

Deventer, mei 2022

Deventer – Drawing to Health is a Deventer-based Research, Training and Research agency that has been committed to the well-being of young people for years. The foundation uses visual language to gain insight into what drives and stops young people. In order to better understand the interaction between technology, emotion(s) and learning in young people through the use of educational robotics, a conference will be organized from 23 to 26 May 2022 in collaboration with. HACETTEPE University, Deventer.


Young people are the future

For the development of educational materials, Drawing to Health (DtH) works closely with HACETTEPE University in Turkey, UNESCO Prof. Piet Kommers (University of Twente), Menno Both (Both Social), Rolf Oostra (Saxion University of Applied Sciences and Digital Workshop Twente) Founder (DtH) Irene Weerkamp: ”We develop beautiful instruments, teaching and learning materials, which are deployed and used in the Netherlands and at European level. For example, it has been proven that art in all its forms plays an important role in the development of a person’s consciousness and creativity.” Menno Both owner Both Social has been committed for years to encourage social development among young people. Both: “The digital future requires the commitment and passion from us to research which technology helps young people in their development. Within the ‘Emotions and Robotics’ project, various developments are presented that are being rolled out in every European country.”


‘Robotics and Emotions’

At the conference, the main language will be English. The program offers a diverse range of training courses, such as art assessments; develop your consciousness; control yourself under stress; the development of human emotions; the soft and hard skills in a person; the use of robotics in the development of emotional and social skills. The developments and studies from the other countries are also shared by the 7 participants in this project, consisting of 20 participants.


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Emotions and robotics
“Emotion is not a luxury. It is a complex helping hand extended during the struggle for existence. Emotion is as amenable to scientific scrutiny as any other aspect of behavior. It plays a vital role in the construction of consciousness, virtually all aspects of learning, reasoning and creativity.” (Damasio 2004))

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