Project ” Young Environmentalist In Action” In Hemmersheim/Germany

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Mar 29 2020

Project ” Young Environmentalist In Action” In Hemmersheim/Germany

Hereby the detailed daily report of the project ” Young Environmentalist In Action” In Hemmersheim/Germany.


Day 1:

Today we started after a good night sleep. (All that traveling from yesterday behind us) With a good breakfast. The first session we where introducing each other with the Spidernet game and with balloons. After the break we write down our personal Fears and expectations about the project on paper and we make some “Family Rules” together. At 1 PM we had lunchtime. After the lunch we did an energizer to wake op from snooze mode again. After lunch, till dinner time, we make our envelopes for the secret friend game. This was very interesting to see how creative everyone was in her or his own way. Further we did get some information about Erasmus projects and the youth pass. We had also a little break somewhere between these sessions.
After dinner UK and Turkey team prepared for there culture night.With great presentations and amazing food, the first day has come to an end. We stay for a while talking and eating with each other and slowly going to see our beds. To get enough rest so we can start all fresh tomorrow at a new and wonderful day in Germany.

Day 2:

Today we started with getting information about different kind of garbage and how many of that is wasted. We did that in different groups. The different kind of garbage that get waste and how many impacts this have on the environment. We created with our country groups a presentation about the waste of garbage in our own country, what the impact is in the environment and the solutions. We talked, researched and even debated about the use of packaging products and the impact on the environment. Also, we did a couple of really nice energizers. *Zip*Boing*Zap*

In the evening we had the Country Portraits, every country has to pick in shuffle mode a country and has to draw things of that country on paper and the other countries had to guess which country.

Day 3:

This day we had a contest about recycling, we made in four groups an sollution for recycling garbage like Glass, Paper, Cans and Plastic. Team plastic congratulation on the win of the contest. Everyone made something special and smart. Team Paper, made a game, trow your paper trough the hole. Recycling in a fun way. Team Glass made something very easy, but very smart because they used only a few pieces to make there creation. Team Cans made a system to collect on a smart way the cans so you can spare room.Country teams did al a presentatie about the recycling proces in there own country. Focussing on the projects and solutions. We also write down our improvement of our own skills and expetations from the beginning of the project untill now. We shared it with the group. Different topics in teams and express it trough drama. Envoirement role play. We did an awesome energizer today. In the evening we had the culture night of Hungary and Ireland. A lot of food and nice presentations of both countries. Afterward we danced untill we almost fell asleep on the dance floor.


Day 4:

Today we had a field day, we separate and where going in groups to different city’s. In this Daily Report we use from different people there day. The City’s we were going where Nuremberg and Frankfurt. From both cities a group tells there view of the day. We saw a lot of opportunities for better recycling

Day 5:

The most of the day we were busy with making a project. We made an idea for a project ourselves. Then we choice the best project as a group and work on it as a team. We put a lot of information for the project on paper and shared it with the rest of the group. The information included: The background, how it works, how we can let it work. In the Evening (The long waited) Battle between Germany and The Netherlands. The Culture Night of both countries at the same evening puts some rivalry with it.

Germany started with a presentation and showed us some really nice video’s, some jokes here and there. Even the background of the laptop they use for the presentation showed us Germany. A really nice BMW Motor was showed on the screen. After that it was the move of The Dutch team. They counter with two video’s and made a joke about Germany in a funny video about The Netherlands. They Explained some things about there flag.

One of the Dutch Member did a Dutch Rap. After the rap we were going to eat. Germany has some amazing food with them and a Cola Mix. The Dutch Team has brought there “stroopwafels”. After presenting the food, we bond again together while we were drinking some Amaretto and Vodka. We did the chair dance with a lot of fun together and we ended with a dance evening.

We are one big team again!

Hereby our after movie

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