Physical Therapy Project – 2nd Meeting

physical therapy
Jul 15 2021

Physical Therapy Project – 2nd Meeting

The 2nd meeting of the project titled: “Physical therapy as a tool for developing social-emotional, non-verbal communication and relationship skills of youngsters with ASD”, in which the Association named Drawing to Health from the Netherlands and Düzce Provincial Directorate of National Education is partner, was held in Akçakoca between 10-14 July. Our association members İlyas Ayyıldız, Dr Mehmet Önemli and Ayşe Betül Bakırcı attended the meeting.


Other partners participating in the project are Yesil Duzce Private Education Practice School and Hacı Hidayet Türkseven Special Education Practice School from Turkey, IL CASSETTO DEI SOGNI ASSOCIAZIONE SPORTIVA DILETTANTISTICA DI PROMOZIONE SOCIALE and Istituto Comprensivo 3 Modena from Italy.


In the project, whose main goal is to increase the organizational capacity of organizations working with young people with autism spectrum disorders in order to develop their social-emotional, non-verbal communication and relationships skills, good practice videos made for autistic individuals in partner countries were evaluated and sessions was done on practical physical therapy studies. In the sessions carried out, our NGO member Dr. Mehmet Önemli held hands-on sessions on physical therapy studies and participants had very different experiences. The project ended with the workshop on the preparation of creative group games drafts.


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