Our Approach

Gender diversity

A lot of talent is wasted. Did you know that, for example, women leave a top job on average after two years? This is because women often encounter certain recurring problems in the workplace. They are not taken seriously, and they are not expected to have a different position than secretary or marketing employee. With the help of Drawing Assessments, we want to show that women on the work floor have valuable soft skills that are important for the company.


Talent development

Our Assessments can provide insight into someone’s strengths and pitfalls. This way it is possible to look at what someone’s talent is, how he can nurture it and how he can best circumvent and overcome his pitfalls. This not only improves the performance of your employees and your company, but also their well-being.


Sustainable employability

If you want to know how your employees are doing, this is a good route to go through. We give you insight into your employees condition. Are they over- or under-exerting themselves? Do they find joy in their work? Are they involved with their job? Do they have sufficient knowledge? By making these matters clear, a better situation can be created on the work floor, resulting in less absenteeism and more job satisfaction.



Do you have problems recruiting the right candidates? Or with the binding of these candidates to your company? We can understand how someone is put together, what are their strengths, what does someone like, what are their weak points and their fears? This way you can select someone who fits best with your company and your team.


Team relationship

Does your team have problems with collaboration? Do you notice that your team is not as close as it could be? Then it is interesting to make a team of assessments to see if there are conflicting personalities, or that there are still unresolved discrepancies in the air. If you can air it and solve it, your team can work better and more efficiently.


Investment Securing

Are you going to invest in your company? By, for example, following a course or training, or taking on new employees with valuable skills that your company needs. But how do you know if that employee can learn and perform, and also fits within your team? The Investment Assisting can help you get a good insight into whether your investment is in the right place.