Nurdane’s Experience in Spain

Sep 12 2019

Nurdane’s Experience in Spain

Hello, I am Nurdane. I am doing internship at Drawing to Health. I came here to work on the Erasmus+ projects. I have had a lot of experience until now. In the first week of my second month my organization asked: ”Would you like to represent us in the RISE project in Spain?” This project was supported by Erasmus+. I thought it would be a really good opportunity for me, because the project`s aim was to improve social inclusion and equality, based on applied entrepreneurial competence. When I read the full content of the project, I could see that it would add a lot of experience and of course I agreed to go.


For a week, we worked on a project in summer, in an area in Valencia, Spain. There were young participants from many countries. They were really kind and friendly and our trainer called Marga was also a wonderful woman. She had good communication with everyone and tried to be quite helpful. We exchanged ideas from all countries about equality, rights, equity and diversity in this warm environment.



Everyone talked about the problems in their own country and discussed the ideas of each country and how to deal with them. We wrote projects and created a plan for how to manage them. We had the opportunity to recognize each other’s cultures and we have established close friendships. And we also learned about the opportunities of Erasmus+ offers. This project gave me the opportunity to learn of the culture, problems and needs of many countries. With this project, it helped me to learn a lot about equality, rights and diversity. And also it helped me to know the culture, problems, and needs of many countries.


In addition, everyone was given the opportunity to promote their own organization during the project. Everyone was very interested in Drawing to Health after our presentation. Many people came to us and asked for more information. That made me very proud. When I talk about the city, Valencia, it is a great city. I’m so happy to have been there. I am so thankful to my organization who gave me this opportunity.


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