Move your body and protect your mental health

The new situation with COVID 19 was a big shock for EU citizens, the youngest were also affected by this situation. Passivity, isolation and limited opportunities for sports and sports activity were drastic changes that affected habits and contributed to increased stress and depression. The results of COVID-19 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY (13.05.2020, United Nations COVID-19 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY) show alarming data and statistics. The state of mental health, disorders and depression among European citizens is on the rise and the numbers are alarming for young people as well.

According to the results:

  •  Depression has affected over 264 million people worldwide
  • More than 1-5 people live in conditions affected by conflict or have a severe mental health condition
  • About half of the respondents had mental health problems from the age of 14
  • In low- and middle-income countries between 76% and 85% of people with mental health conditions do not receive treatment for their condition, despite evidence that interventions can be effective
  • Globally there are less than 1 mental health professional for every 10,000 people


Through 8 daily activities, young people through non-formal learning will improve their competencies in the process of protecting mental health through the use of sports and sports activity in the process of a pandemic. Through this youth exchange, national practices for the protection of mental health through sports during an epidemic will be promoted. In the process, yoga will be used as a mechanism for protecting the mental health of young people during self-isolation and protecting their mental state and physical emotionality.

Project objectives
  • Education and preparation of young people how to be active in sports during an epidemic and limited opportunities for socialization and affirmation
  • Promotion of sports as a tool to improve the emotional state of young people, motivation of young people to actively play sports and take care of their mental health
  • Exploring tools for young people to raise public awareness and motivate other young people across the EU to actively play sports and take care of their mental health
  • Promotion of yoga as a mechanism for protection of mental health during self-isolation, limited movement and pandemic
  • Creating methods to combat depression, stress and negative energy of young people during daily life activities

Location: Cologne, Germany
Jugendherberge köln riehl

Date: 8th – 15th of August 2022

Have these plans gotten you all excited? Register now! All costs, i.e.: travel, training costs, food and hotel accommodation, are reimbursed by the European Union. (Travel costs are reimbursed up to €180,- p.p.)


More information?

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There are a few requirements to participate:


  • Participants must be between 18 and 30 years old.
  • You must be proficient in the English language
  • You must be living in the Netherlands or be in possession of a Dutch proof of identity.
  • You must be in possession of a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC)
  • You must be willing to be filmed during the sessions and workshops of the activities
  • And to be a broad-minded person who can work together in a group
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