MediTox – 4th – 10th of August 2022

The development of communication technologies in particular is emerging as an important factor in increasing the field of activity of the media. Almost fifty years ago famous philosopher Marshall McLuhan proclaimed his famous phrase ‘Medium is a message’, pointing at the significant role of media not only in the construction and transferring of a message, but also in the way this message is perceived by the audience. This means that they can potentially reach millions of people around the world and influence their attitude to a given issue. The digital revolution can empower but this power comes with great responsibility. Years have passed. However, this idea is still of a particular interest since today we live in the information age with ever increasing information flows. The recent technological developments have brought profound changes to the way we access and consume news. Today every person connected to the Internet can post information, pictures, videos and comments which can go viral. How to stay informed but to avoid misinformation? How to confront and counter hate speech online? How to distinguish between reliable information and various forms of propaganda? We would like to carry out this project to empower youth workers and youth activists to become conscious media and news consumers, to apply their critical thinking skills and to contribute to more inclusive and tolerant societies through non-formal education methods.

Project objectives
  • To explore the interrelation between media messages and tolerance/intolerance in our societies, especially in regard to the topic of migrant and refugee crisis
  • To make distinctions between different types of media content (news journalism, propaganda, promotion, entertainment, etc.)
  • To explore the crucial elements of a reliable journalist’s craft (balance, reliability, usage of proper sources)
  • To learn to evaluate the reliability of sources and to approach any information critically
  • To promote the core EU values and cooperation under the Erasmus+ programme In the project, all partner organizations will develop informal learning methods for the development of tools and methods for the socioprofessional development of youth workers and trainers in their organizations, and will implement methods that promote the acquisition of digital competences, in particular, media literacy skills

Location: Denizli/Pamukkale

Date: 4th – 10th of August

Have these plans gotten you all excited? Register now! All costs, i.e.: travel, training costs, food and hotel accommodation, are reimbursed by the European Union. (Travel costs are reimbursed up to €360,- p.p.)


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There are a few requirements to participate:


  • Participants must be at least 18 years old.
  • You must be proficient in the English language
  • You must be living in the Netherlands or be in possession of a Dutch proof of identity.
  • You must be in possession of a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC)
  • You must be willing to be filmed during the sessions and workshops of the activities
  • And to be a broad-minded person who can work together in a group
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