Love is a 4-legged word – Newsletter from Spain

Love is a 4-legged word
Jul 27 2021

Love is a 4-legged word – Newsletter from Spain

Valdepeñas promotes the adoption of animals of the Municipal Canine Center


Through the Empu-G, Erasmus and the City Council program, in which 45 young people from Valdepeñas and the province, Armenia, India and the Netherlands participate, Valdepeñas promotes the adoption of animals from the Municipal Canine Center in one day

The Plaza de la Constitución de Valdepeñas has hosted this morning a conference to promote the adoption of dogs stimulated by the Empu-G Program, the Valdepeñas City Council and the Municipal Canine Center, through the youth exchange project ‘Love is a 4-legged word’, belonging to the Erasmus + program.


Up to forty-five young people from Armenia, India, Holland and Spain, the latter case being young people between 17 and 20 years old belonging to the Empu-G program of Valdepeñas, La Solana, Tomelloso, Puertollano, Manzanares, Socuéllamos and Miguelturra, have participated in this activity that aims to instill values.


“We are working from the Empu-G program, the Valdepeñas City Council and with the Erasmus program for the respect of the animal world, which is very necessary because many of these animals have more awareness than the people who leave them abandoned and unprotected”, said the Councilor for Youth, Inmaculada Pacheco. However, she stressed that the Municipal Canine Center “is open all year round to promote this type of activities and promote adoptions, since although they are animals that do not have a family, they do have a home thanks to resources such as the Municipal Canine Center of Valdepeñas ”.


The coordinator of the Empu-G youth program, María Salamandra, recalled that “we work with young people throughout the year, but specifically this week we are developing this activity which is basically to promote awareness against abandonment, for adoption and for animal respect in general ”.


To do this, she explained, “we have conducted many awareness workshops with canine educators and we have trained the kids throughout the week so that they know how to act with dogs, how to touch them, how to approach them, how to treat and respect them.”

In addition, other activities have been carried out such as the collection of feed and the direct care of the dogs.




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