Experience in Cyprus

May 27 2022

Experience in Cyprus

We had a wonderful time in Cyprus, not only was it informative and educational. It was a great chance to come out of our comfort zone, meet new people and make new connections. As we all know, this is an area where most people with ASD struggle with, so we are all proud of everyone participating and finishing the training. 

The training was given by the trainers of each participating country with the objective to help autistic individuals acquire ‘soft skills’ they need to find a job. Autistic people have some very valuable skills which can be applied in the work environment, even though they could be greatly underestimated due to their underdeveloped communication and social skills. Therefore with the right preparation and support, individuals with ASD can learn the necessary skills and utilize talents that lead to meaningful employment.

On the first day of the training we start with the expectations of the training, icebreaker and team building activities to get to know each other. Everyone had a chance to make drawings and it was nice to see how the participants introduced themselves. On the second day of the training we started with an energizer to get everyone in the mood, after that we had a presentation and some practical exercises to find out which job is most suitable for the participants depending on their personality. On the third day after the energizer we give them tips on where to find a job and how you apply for it. For every country participating, we had a list of websites and tips. On the last day of the training we also did an energizer, after that some interactive exercises involving participants discussing with their team how they would give tips to people who are going to apply for a job interview, they were also able to do a color test to explore their career options. At last we finished it off with a kahoot quiz.

All participants were given a certificate after successfully finishing the training and had a free day to spend their time. We can say that we were not only proud to participate in such a project but also happy meeting new friends who we could help along the way!


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