Drawing to Health Trains During International Project Week in Emden.

May 01 2018

Drawing to Health Trains During International Project Week in Emden.

Drawing To Health and Both Social have engaged in an international collaboration. Together with Saxion University of Applied Sciences and the Emden University of Applied Sciences, they will be teaching  about soft skills and online marketing.


Drawing To Health specializes in soft skills and the science behind drawing. Both Social has online media coaches who know all about online marketing. In particular the online strategy canvas will be discussed in the lessons so that the students learn to work with this. This online strategy canvas was conceived, developed, scientifically validated and published scientifically by Both Social, the University of Twente and Saxion University.

This international collaboration results in a project that is currently taking place at the university college in Emden-Leer in Germany. This week 
students will be taught in Emden during the International Project Week. Furthermore, students from all over Europe, teachers and companies  will come to this project week to share their innovation knowledge with each other. Topics such as entrepreneurship, digital marketing and soft skills will be presented.

This project will take place from 23.04.2018 to 27.04.2018. On each of these days there will be 8 hours of teaching, in which a lot can be learned about soft skills and online marketing. This is financed by Erasmus +


Note for editors
For more information, please visit;
Irene Weerkamp; 0616435968, www.drawingtohealth.com, irene@drawingtohealth.com
Menno Both 0646122148, www.bothsocial.nl, menno@bothsocial.nl

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