In the rise of June 2022, Drawings to Health participated in an Erasmus+ project based in Mersin, Turkey based on the topic of Civic Education and Human Rights. In this project, there was participation from a few countries all across the Europe such as Romania, Italy, Greece, and The Netherlands while Turkey being the host organization. The duration of this project was a week-long in which we were able to do many fun and learn activities.

Beginning with friendly introductions of each other, the trainer introduced the topic as well with interactive approach. It was followed by fun energizers and group activities to work and understand the concept of civic education and human rights better. It was interesting to have insights from different countries about the human rights and challenges related to it that we face in a society. During this activities we as participants learnt many new information and details about the concerned subject. By engaging in group activities and presentations, we had many moments to brainstorm and critically analyze the situation of human rights and civic responsibilities as a citizen of our individual countries. Not only did the training exposed the idea of our civil responsibility as a citizen but as well as a global citizen.

This training also brought our attention to the culture of political tolerance and social engagement with regard to international relations between countries and as well as within nations. Participants were given activities to come across community awareness and to acknowledge the importance of social transformations towards the betterment. The focus was also on sustainable development among this all matter of subject and I would say it was a successful project which brought all of us together.

All participants brought diverse knowledge from their countries and cultures which they shared during the project activities and over the cultural evenings. At the end of the project, we all took improved knowledge and insights about the cause of the project as last but not the least we gained a lot of cultural exchange in informal activities.

I am thankful to all the organizations involved in making this work and concluding the project as success. My special thanks goes to Drawing to Health organization for their commitment and motivation in such projects in collaboration with Erasmus+. I look forward to engaging in further activities of such nature as it helped me learn and enjoy the informal methods of learning at the same time.

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