international project week
Jun 04 2019

Special Guest Lecture 2019

  For many students of the Emden University of Applied Science the period of the year is over, because the International Project Week 2019 has taken place. This week is a symbol for gaining new insights, getting to know other students and of course this week...

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May 21 2019

New Approaches to Youth Employability

"New Approaches to Youth Employability" is an Erasmus + training for active youth leaders aimed at strengthening youth employment and developing skills to improve career guidance for young people. The main objectives of the project are to: Improve the education and training of young people to improve...

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May 16 2019

E-Active Youth

  According to 2015 EC Youth report ‘Interest in political life of society is a stepping stone to involvement in community life, and vice versa. Interest  prompts an individual to become informed about how decisions are made in the  policy-making process, what the opinions of different...

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Oct 15 2018

All Together

The "All Together" project was coordinated by ''Art Volunteers"  and funded by the Erasmus+ Program of the European Union. However, European Commission and Turkish National Agency cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein. -This project was coordinated...

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Sep 27 2018

Spoleto Diabetics in Sports

Spoleto Diabetics in Sports is a European sporting event of running and mountain biking where both diabetics and athletes are involved. The event is designed to raise awareness about fair sport and physical activity to promote health, well-being and social inclusion in Europe. 320 diabetics...

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Continuation: Anti-Bias project France

Today we are on our way to the continuation of the Anti-bias project in France! For those who did not see our earlier posts, we went to France on March 23 - 31 to participate in this project. This is because we, as do others,...

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Mar 20 2018

Youthwork With an Antibias Approach

Discrimination is a worldwide social problem and a common ground for individuals without the recognition of social statuses. According to the European Commission, accepting of diversity in the public sphere is increasing, but there is still gaps and differences between countries (“Discrimination in the EU...

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