Sevgi's experience
Mar 09 2020

Sevgi’s Experience (2)

Hello I’m Sevgi! You probably know me, this is the second post I wrote. Now I'm in Turkey after an internship in the Netherlands. I have accumulated good memories and experiences for two months in DTH. During these two months, I improved my ability to speak English...

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Feb 10 2020

Sevgi’s Experience

Hello, I'm Sevgi. I am a graduate student in the sociology of religion. I decided to do an Erasmus internship to improve my English level and gain experience abroad. As a result of my research, I reached DTH. Getting approval from Erasmus and the Consulate...

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international project week
Jun 04 2019

Special Guest Lecture 2019

  For many students of the Emden University of Applied Science the period of the year is over, because the International Project Week 2019 has taken place. This week is a symbol for gaining new insights, getting to know other students and of course this week...

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Sep 27 2018

Spoleto Diabetics in Sports

Spoleto Diabetics in Sports is a European sporting event of running and mountain biking where both diabetics and athletes are involved. The event is designed to raise awareness about fair sport and physical activity to promote health, well-being and social inclusion in Europe. 320 diabetics...

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May 24 2018

Stefan’s Blog

Hello, my name is Stefan, I am a 22 year student who comes from a city in Spain named Segovia. There I study illustration and graphic design in the arts school called ‘’Casa de los Picos’’, which is also a monument. This study lasts 2...

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Dec 07 2017

‘Job Through The Art’ experience

I have to admit I ended up with the Erasmus+ project unexpectedly. I woke up to a Whatsapp message one fine morning: if I’d like to join a friend in Lithuania in September? ‘Sure,’ I told her; ‘what are we going to do there?’ ‘It has...

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Jul 22 2016

The outlook for women in tech

Women in the technology field are still greatly outnumbered. While many women are interested in breaking into these careers due to their demand and excellent salaries, it's still somewhat of an intimidating profession due to the vast majority of men who make up the industry. Women...

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