Be The Change – a project to be proud of

Be The Change Erasmus+ Project
Oct 07 2019

Be The Change – a project to be proud of

The main idea of ​​the project was to solve social problems by bringing young people and their solutions. During the program we studied video recordings, we had the opportunity to make films and present them in the city of Abovyan. The project took place from 19.08-27.08.19 in the city of Abovyan in Armenia. Through this project we wanted to expose the problems of disadvantaged young people and present them to society. We were the applicant for this project and have therefore been able to participate in this special experience. In this blog we show you what happened during this project.

Main objective of the project

Young people from the participating countries: Armenia, the Netherlands, Italy, Croatia, Cyprus and Montenegro all came together during this project to discuss the following topics: Tolerance, hate speech, prejudice, stereotypes and European values. During the project there was collaboration to develop various films and these were also shown to a large audience on the last evening.

We went to Tsaghkadzor, visited the church of Saint Harutyun, and then had the opportunity to sit on a rope. We explored the city and completed our films there. The last days we stayed in Yerevan, we went to Garni and Geghard, we also visited the Parajanov museum and then we had a tour of Xor Virap.

Filming during Erasmus+ Be The Change
Filming during Erasmus + Be The Change
Evening premiere movies Erasmus+
Evening premiere movies Erasmus +


The impact of the project

The project has had an impact on young people in various areas. We have summarized the most important consequences:

  • Awareness of EU values ​​and EU projects;
  • Development of skills for intercultural cooperation;
  • More attention to the problems around people and the ability to act on them;
  • Language competencies improved and simultaneously communicated with the other participants with different languages;
  • More motivation to take action in their local community for the change that is needed.

The course of the project and the outcome

During workshops on prejudice, discrimination and racism, the young people were able to see differences in their thinking patterns and discuss them with the group in order to find a joint solution. It is really a project to be proud of, so we are honored that we were once again part of a fun group this year. We found it very nice to see that it is possible to join forces and to see that the differences between people and cultures do not have to be obstacles.

The attendees are also informed about the new Erasmus + project and about the event taking place in Armenia. This shows everyone else that it is possible to put together one idea on the table to solve a certain problem.

Hereby all movies + Aftermovies made by the participants











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