Oct 01 2016

The Quality Mark in Youth Work

"The Quality Mark in Youth Work" is a mobility project that will take place in Trikala, Greece, from 6th to 13th December 2016 and It will bring together 31 participants from EU countries and one non EU, in particular from: Malta, Slovenia, Spain, Netherlands, United...

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Jul 22 2016

The outlook for women in tech

Women in the technology field are still greatly outnumbered. While many women are interested in breaking into these careers due to their demand and excellent salaries, it's still somewhat of an intimidating profession due to the vast majority of men who make up the industry. Women...

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Jan 28 2016

Tenner for a Drawing

FOR A TENNER YOU CAN HELP A REFUGE If there is a language barrier .. Refugees. The media is full of them. And you can just come across one. In an AZC or on the street. But how does a social worker know which needs a refugee...

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