Love is a 4-legged word
Jul 27 2021

Love is a 4-legged word – Newsletter from Spain

Valdepeñas promotes the adoption of animals of the Municipal Canine Center   Through the Empu-G, Erasmus and the City Council program, in which 45 young people from Valdepeñas and the province, Armenia, India and the Netherlands participate, Valdepeñas promotes the adoption of animals from the Municipal Canine...

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physical therapy
Jul 15 2021

Physical Therapy Project – 2nd Meeting

The 2nd meeting of the project titled: "Physical therapy as a tool for developing social-emotional, non-verbal communication and relationship skills of youngsters with ASD", in which the Association named Drawing to Health from the Netherlands and Düzce Provincial Directorate of National Education is partner, was...

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Jul 06 2021


The Erasmus+ youth worker mobility project, which was prepared by 1000/0 ADVENTURE, a Sports and Nature Association in Portugal, and whose first leg was planned to take place in Turkey, supported by the Portuguese National Agency and the EU in 2020, was held at the...

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Jul 05 2021

Sexual education is a Universal Right

Within the scope of Erasmus+ Youth Projects by the European Union and Turkish National Agency, the training project aiming to increase the competence of the European Union youth workers in the field of sexuality education for the disabled was carried out between 5-12 June 2021...

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focus on democratic news
Sep 28 2020

Focus on democratic news

  At the beginning of this month, I had the opportunity to participate in an Erasmus + project organized in France. The topic of this project was “Focus on democracy”, not a topic that I was very knowledgeable about but interested enough to push myself out...

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PERSON multiplier event

On the 20th of August 2020, in the entrepeneurial centre of CeeCeeSpot Enschede ( the national conference for PERSON project took place. The project was attended by youth workers, local entrepeneurs and local politicians. Drawing to Health shared the results of the project and...

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Jul 27 2020

Development of STEAM Education in Schools-EDUSIMSTEAM

The "Development of STEAM Education in Schools-EDUSIMSTEAM" KA3 project, which is one of the 27 European-scale projects that will be supported as the European Commission's central project, aims to provide students and students with algorithmic thinking skills. Within the scope of the project where YEĞİTEK...

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Sevgi's experience
Mar 09 2020

Sevgi’s Experience (2)

Hello I’m Sevgi! You probably know me, this is the second post I wrote. Now I'm in Turkey after an internship in the Netherlands. I have accumulated good memories and experiences for two months in DTH. During these two months, I improved my ability to speak English...

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