May 30 2022

Robotics helps young people develop emotions

Deventer, mei 2022 Deventer – Drawing to Health is a Deventer-based Research, Training and Research agency that has been committed to the well-being of young people for years. The foundation uses visual language to gain insight into what drives and stops young people. In order to...

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May 27 2022

Experience in Cyprus

We had a wonderful time in Cyprus, not only was it informative and educational. It was a great chance to come out of our comfort zone, meet new people and make new connections. As we all know, this is an area where most people with...

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May 16 2022

NEWork Experience

In the first week of May 2022, a successful training week took place. This was organized by multiple European Union located project partners, with the aim to help individuals with a disorder on the autism spectrum to acquire social skills, which enable them to find...

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Apr 26 2022

Experience in Littlehampton

It's been a while since the youth exchange ended, which was held in Littlehampton, UK, from March 26 to April 4. In this time, I have met people from many different places, with different contexts, cultures and stories to tell. We have had a lot of fun,...

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Mar 09 2022

Young Environmentalist In Action

My experience in the project Young Environmentalist In Action, flow 2 in Oldemarkt.   Well, I'm Bruno, from Spain, I've already introduced myself before on Social Media. The project that I have attended from February 20 to 26 was about the environment, recycling, and was aimed at young people...

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Jan 31 2022

Social Impact Society

Social impact society training course gathered 30 youth workers from 7 countries (Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Turkey, Greece, Romania, Belgium) in Oldemarkt in order to discuss and learn about Social Entrepreneurship and the way it can foster social inclusion and reduce unemployment, social exclusion, inequality and...

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Sep 20 2021

Get Assured: TPM 2 – Poland

A week ago we took the risk, together with representatives of 6 NGOs: Babilob Travel NGO, JuSeV International, Drawing to Health Foundation, Mediterranean association for education and employment-MAFEE and Ufcv. All as part of Erasmus+.   We discussed, analysed, brainstormed and creatively thought, but above all we...

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Sep 02 2021

4-Legged Love

Going to Spain was already something I was planning to do, so when I saw that I could go with a Erasmus+ Project, I immediately signed on. I love these projects, and to be able to go to one that was about dogs was like...

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