Asude’s Experience in Spain

Sep 12 2019

Asude’s Experience in Spain

My name is Asude. I am an intern at Drawing To Health Company. I became aware of the RISE project in Spain thanks to the Erasmus projects of the company I work for and I went to Spain to represent the Netherlands. For the first time I represented a country in a different country, and in addition, the RISE project was my first Erasmus+ project.


I was very excited and concerned that I went to represent my first project and a different country. However, the RISE project was among the most unforgettable experiences of my life. After the first lesson I realized that my concern was meaningless because everyone was like me. There were many coeval participants from different countries. Our  RISE teacher was very polite, understanding and equipped person. We were all talking in English. Thanks to the RISE project, I was able to recognize different cultures. My preconception turned out to be meaningless. Informal lessons and people were great. I have a lot of friends from different countries right now. Thanks to this project, I made very good connections and I had the opportunity to introduce myself and my thoughts.



The RISE project included a 5-day training. The lessons started at 9 in the morning and ended at 5 pm. Since the lessons were not formal, the time was flexible and the lessons were really enjoyable. We took lessons and conducted activities on topics such as entrepreneurship, Erasmus+ projects, social responsibility. These lessons were quite educative and efficient in my mind. One evening we had a cultural night party and I tried the food of different cultures and got information about their culture. I really liked this event.



My idea was to include different people who were important in the RISE project. We were real people with religious and color differences but we were equalized with this project and had the opportunity to know and understand each other. In our globalized and developing world, we have learned how we can contribute to the environment and how we can become a better individual. I am more willing to participate in this type of Erasmus+ projects and now I recommend it to everyone.



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