Activating Employability through Creativity – 20 t/m 25 August 2022

By helping young people to identify and develop their skills, qualities and entrepreneurial ideas we can create a more positive future for them as individuals and for the communities they live and work in. Youth unemployment brought growing frustration and alienation amongst young people, amplified by the lack of clarity about the future and an increasing mistrust in public institutions at both national and EU level. The trend has recently spread to well-qualified young people who cannot find employment after graduation, whereas those from disadvantaged backgrounds entered a dead-end street long before this. The project aims in developing and enhancing a set of three thematically interconnected systemic generic competencies, namely creativity, enterprising spirit and innovation, and all this through a framework of lifelong learning. Within this goal, carefully selected and ambitious youth leaders from partner countries will become more skilled and competent to engage in initiative taking and entrepreneurship.

Project goals
  • To develop youth workers, youth leaders’ competences to work with young people on raising their self- confidence and employability through discovering their creative potential and enhance their creativity; 
  • To equip youth worker and leader from partner countries with the competences to use creative forms
    of expression combatting with unemployment in their work with young people from disadvantaged
  • To contribute to self-assessment and self-presentation skills development which is one of the main
    criteria for increasing chances for youth to find their place in labor market
    To tackle youth unemployment through creativity; To promote a reflection on the new role of youth
  • To deepen the understanding of creativity

Locatie: Ankara- Turkey
CK Hotel

Datum: 20 t/m 25 August 2022

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  • Participants must be at least 18 years old
  • You must be proficient in the English language
  • You must be resident in the Netherlands, or in possession of a Dutch identity document
  • You must be in possession of a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC)
  • You must be willing to be filmed during the sessions and workshops of the activities
  • And be an open-minded person who can work together in a group
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