1st Mobility of Teachers Erasmus + ΚΑ210 of the 11th Board of Piraeus in the Netherlands

Jun 07 2022

1st Mobility of Teachers Erasmus + ΚΑ210 of the 11th Board of Piraeus in the Netherlands

We are pleased to announce the participation of our School – 11th Elementary School of Piraeus – in the 2nd Erasmus + KA210 Program entitled “Educate your Life By the Colors of Nature”, lasting one year from February 2022 – February 2023. Coordinator is the school “Sehit Selcuk Gökdag Ortaokulu ”from Kocaeli, Turkey and partners the primary school“ OOU Dituria Saraj ”- Skopje – Northern Macedonia, the Institute“ Stichting Drawing to Health ”- Netherlands and the SURMOT Sport Club – Kocaeli – Turkey.


The main goal of the program is to help students, teachers and parents who had to “stay home” for a long time due to the COVID-19 pandemic, to be able to return to normalcy and overcome any emotional difficulties created by them, through activities that will bring them in contact with nature.


For this purpose, each partner will carry out appropriate educational activities using as a key component art, such as painting, drawing, ceramics, dance and sports activities that will be conducted outdoors. These activities will then be part of the educational process of each school in order to achieve the goals of the program to the fullest extent.


Already, the 1st Teacher Mobility took place successfully in the Oldemarkt of the Netherlands from April 4 – 8, where our School was represented by the principal along with 4 other teachers. The partners had the opportunity to get to know each other, to define the activities of the program but also to be trained by the Dutch Team (Stichting Drawing to Health) through appropriate workshops in the therapeutic use of painting (Art Therapy). In addition, the Sport Club Surmot team organized an Orienteering sport activity in the Oldemarkt area that is expected to excite students. In the cultural evening, each country presented its own local delicacies and products accompanied by traditional dances and music.


The next meeting is eagerly awaited, as it will take place at our School from 6 – 10 June, with the participation of not only teachers but also students from all partners! The main topic of this meeting will be the inspiration from the colors of nature of our area and their imprint on ceramic decorations.

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