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Your drawing or that of your candidate says more than you think. Every aspect of a drawing is an aspect of the artist: how to draw a tree, what color you give something or how much space you use. So what and how you draw tells you a lot about yourself. Are you curious about your unique visual language or that of your candidate? During a drawing consultation we discover together what your drawing style means. And I will tell you what is hidden behind all parts of your creativity. Often it’s very surprising! That sounds like coffee reading, but it’s a profession. With my background, experience and education I can also unravel the riddles of your drawing or that of your candidate.
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We are proud partner of the Erasmus + program! Erasmus + is the European Union’s subsidy program for education, training, youth and sport. It offers people of all ages the opportunity to gain knowledge and experience or to share it with organizations and institutions in different countries. Erasmus + focuses on all educational sectors and the youth and youth sector.


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