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“Both social was capable of understanding the employee.”

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Maximize your potential

Drawing To Health has discovered that the screening of candidates and employees is most efficient when visual language is being used. One’s hand-eye coordination and the effects of those on a neurological level ensures that someone’s true qualities emerge. These usually stay unnoticed during regular recruitment- and selection procedures or performance reviews. For this reason, Drawing To Health states that more and more businesses today need a different approach to staff screening. In practice, workers often work on a project basis in blended teams. This calls upon people’s psychosocial and emotional qualities, so called soft skills. These cannot be properly measured by the linear assessments, and therefore do not connenct with the market’s current needs. Darawing To Health sees this phenomenon arise especially in ICT-businesses. Over 10 years ago Drawing To Health discovered that the drawing analysis is a valuable way to map someone’s psychosocial and emotional development. Back then it concerned young adults, mostly with an autistic disorder. Drawing To Health has gradually noticed that drawing analysis can also be applied in the recruitment and selection of personnel and in organizations that are faced with dysfunctional teams. Drawing analysis can bring soft skills into focus. The biggest advantage of drawing analysis is that this method cannot be manipulated by the candidate. Drawing To health wishes to be a trusted team player for businesses who are in search of new ways to screen staff and who see the importance of soft skills and talent development. Our goal is to create satisfaction in these companies. Drawing To Health stands for success!


What is our solution?

We will have you gain insight on the psychosocial and emotional qualities of (potential) employees, ensure you of the certainty of your investment and make sure you can make a better selection. We can also gain insight on a individuals motivation. Do you want to invest in Sustainable Employability, or are you not sure whether the individual is capable of learning and performing within your team? If so, we can support you in this endeavor.

  1. Genderdiversity
  2. Talent Development
  3. Sustainable Employability
  4. Recruitment and Selection
  5. Teambuilding
  6. Secure Investment


How do you accomplish this?

We accomplish this through DrawingAssessments. The candidate is asked to draw an archetypical form e.g. a tree. After that, it is then analyzed and a rapport is made wherein there is feedback for the employer. This is so the findings and advice can be used to make a well informed choice.


What do people pay for?

We can help you find the most suited candidate for your business, so you can bind the right people to your organization or company. We also help you fortify your current team. The most valuable asset you have as an employer are your employees, and they need to be managed well.

“After introduction to this method, I now have a test that can identify the soft skills.”

— Alexander Mulder



What does your team mean to you?

There are all kinds of ways to have employers and employees learn more about themselves and their place within the organization. Oddly enough, we forget about one that is direct, pure and very significant: visual language. When someone draws, they show their “inner self” completely. That’s why  DrawingAssessments or DrawingWorkshops are the perfect tools.


A lot of talent is being wasted. Did you know that women leave a leading position after an average of two years? This is because women encounter specific obstacles in their jobs. They don’t get taken seriously and are not expected to hold a position higher than secretary or marketingemployee. We want to utilize DrawingAssessments to show that women on the workfloor have valuable soft skills that are of importance to the company.

Talent Development

Our assessments can give an insight into someone’s strong points and their vulnerabilities. From there one can look to one’s talent, how they can nurture their talent and turn their vulnerabilities into strengths. This doesn’t only improve your company’s  and employers’ achievements, but also improves their wellbeing.

Sustainable Employability

If you want to know how your staff is doing, this might be the best program for you. we give insight into how your employees are feeling. Are they suffering from a workload that is too high or too low? Are they enjoying their work? Are they involved in their jobs? Do they have enough knowledge? By having a good insight in these issues, you can create a better situatie on the workfloor. This causes less absence from work and more enjoyment in their work.

Recruitment & Selection

Do you encounter problems in the recruitment of suitable candidates? Or in binding them to your company? We can comprehend how someone works, what are their strengths, what motivates that person, what are their weaknesses and fears? This way you can select the candidate that best fits for your company and your team.


Does your team have trouble cooperating? Have you noticed your team is not as close as they could be? Then it might be interesting to make assessments with your team to see if there are any conflicting personalities, or any unsolved disagreements. If you can solve these, your team can work better and more efficiently.

Securing Investments

Are you going to invest in your company? By following a course or education, or hiring new employees with valuable skills your company needs. But how do you know if that employee can learn and perform, and also fit within your team? The InvestmentAssessment can help you to see if your investment is well spent.


TekenAssessment® Know your candidate

Of course, you have your own tools to select your future employees. You read the application letters, look through their resumes, have job interviews en maybe carry out an assessment. These still remain very linear criteria. A DrawingAssessment goes deeper than that. A drawing provides a candid view of the character and thinking of your candidates. What they draw, what colors they use, how much space they use; every aspect tells something about their personality. This will surely help you discover whether they are compatible with your organization. We can supervise a DrawingAssessment with an employee as well as review the drawings remotely.


What is the result of a DrawingAssessment®?

A DrawingAssessment gives you an insight in the psychosocial and emotional development. Those who draw, show a lot of themselves unnoticed. Without correcting or forcing them, a person who draws will show you their “inner self”. Simply because drawing is the original non-verbal language of every human being.

A broader understanding

This visual language mirrors a candidates thoughts, feelings, fantasies, dreams and repressed emotions such as fear, anger, sadness, and insecurity. In the usual assessment methods these aspects ar not easily visible, while they greatly influence learning and performing capablilities. That is why interpreting a drawing is an important addition. Especially if it concerns candidates who are going to be working closely together or are going to carry great responsibility.

Customized development

A drawing not only shows someone’s capabilities, but also their development. Drawings show without a doubt where they are in their development, where they want to go, and what is needed to accomplish that. This raises all kinds of follow-up questions about the development a candidate will and can go through. In this respect, the professional analysis of a drawing can be a very valuable addition to existing assessment techniques.

Discover the talent

The unique visual language everyone has in their childhood can be utilized to encourage further growth and development of you employees. During a DrawingAssessment we can help them be aware of their qualities and their pitfalls, their fears and their ambitions. That will provide direction to their personal development. There is absolutely no need for drawing talent when participating in a DrawingAssessment. Everyone who expresses themselves in visual language, shows a lot about themselves. This means we can interpret any and all drawings and find personal knowledge that is relevant for them and their place within your organization.

Build better teams

Interpreting drawings can be done in individual sessions, but could also be done in large or small group sessions. A DrawingWorkshop contributes to the group dynamic, especially if the people all work within the same team. They will learn a lot about each other and themselves in a short span of time. By interpreting each other’s drawings or working together in one big drawing under our supervision, a group can quickly discover in a creative and stimulating way what balance and imbalance there is. Their drawings reveal how they can empower each other. And also what might stand in the way of better performance or better cooperation

DrawingAssessment in the media

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“Drawings show unconscious choices and unexploited possibilities.”



Sustainable Employability Trajectory

DrawingAssessment and follow up

2x assignment through mail
2x sending drawing through postal service
2x reading+rapport
2x clarification on location
€ 1.060,00 (excl. BTW)
Costs DrawingAssessments € 650 p.p. (excl. BTW)
Costs DrawingWorkshop € 115 p.p. (excl. BTW) (for a group of 8 people max. )
Skype consultage without rapport€ 115 (excl. BTW)

* There are possibilities to offer these trajectories with a grant. More information? Contact us below!


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